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The Overall Vibe Is Carefree Facial Hair

by Mary Tedesco |

Congrats to one of our Agadir Men Barbers & Stylists, Casey Terramoccia @caseys_cuts_nj, for being featured in Beauty Launch Pad this month. Check out the page snippet below!




Finished looks should be maintained but not overly manicured. "The overall vibe is carefree facial hair," reveals Casey Terramoccia, Agadir (@agadirint) stylist and owner of Iconic Barber Shop & Shave Parlor in Glen Rock, New Jersey.



Casey at Iconic Barber Shop & Shave Parlor in Glen Rock, NJ.



So how do you get carefree facial hair? Regular trips to the barber and a grooming routine that works for you. You don't need to spend hours on your hair or your beard, speak to your barber for advice on how to get that low maintenance, carefree look
without all the work.




One of the easiest ways to look polished yet carefree is to keep your neckline trimmed - it'll give you a clean look overall regardless of your current beard style.




Invest in products that make you feel polished and ready for the day - even if your grooming ends in the shower aka with hair and body wash - learn more about our Hair & Body wash here. Once you're clean and smelling successful, yes - successful, follow up with some beard oil to tame your facial hair and your hair gel or pomade of choice.




Watch our video featuring Casey for a quick tuturial on the look above:




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