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Hair Gel vs. Texturizer... Which Is Right for You?

by Mary Tedesco |

In the battle of men's hair styling, two products go head to head.

Men’s hair product is something that has grown over the years. Can you picture yourself standing in the store staring at shelves and shelves of waxes, gels, pomades, clays, etc., trying to decide on only one? All just to style your hair, this task shouldn’t be so daunting. It may seem like you have free reign over what you use on your hair, but believe it or not there are many products that actually work better for certain people and not others.


Two popular men’s hair styling products are pomades and gels. The two have very similar purposes, but results can vary from individual to individual.


 Pictured above, our model Tim with our Agadir MEN fiber texturizer. Follow Tim @tpdedrick

Texturizers, or pomades, are known for their ability to hold a style in place, but they also provide a nice finishing shine. These products are best used on thick, curly, course hair types. The reason for this is because texturizers can keep frizz and any unwanted volume away. They also bring the best finish to any combed back/over hairstyles.


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are a traditional and rather well known hair product, especially for men. Most gel can be used on any hair type and length, but they are recommended to those with thin or fine hair.  Gel can give thin hair some thickness, while giving straighter hair texture and hold. These products work for more complex hairstyles. Those with active lifestyles may prefer gels, as they tend to have a super strong hold for a look that will last all day. Be wise when choosing a hair gel! The better quality, the less likely the gel is to dry out and flake in your hair.

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*To sensitive skin individuals: It’s best to avoid pomades because most tend to be made with oil, which can clog up your pores. Try a gel product, as they are water based.


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