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From Garbage to Succulent Garden

by Mary Tedesco |

In honor of Earth Day, we upcycled one of our product empties.

Every action counts when it comes down to keeping plastic out of trash bins, landfills and the ocean. We used the packaging of our Agadir MEN Fiber Texturizer puck to house a small succulent. We wanted to bring the outside in and showcase it in our office as a reminder to take a deep breath and to stop and smell the... aloe.


Succulents are very low maintenance and easy to take care of so we thought it would be the perfect plant for this small packaging.


Here are the steps to do it yourself:

  1. Once you've used your product, rinse packaging thoroughly to clean out any remaining product (apply that to your hair, while you're at it). 
  2. Add a little gardening soil to your package --- we prefer the organic kind.
  3. Make a dent in the center with your finger to make room for your new succulent plant.
  4. Transplant the succulent in, and bring in the soil around it so that the ground level is even.
  5. Enjoy your new plant! 


We brought ours into the office to bring a little nature indoors. It's a fun and quick distraction when you need a little inspiration to enhance your day. 

This project is SO EASY and can be done with any product packaging. Even if you're not planning to upcycle your empties --- don't forget to recycle!


» Check out how one of our team members reuses the Agadir Travel Set packaging here.


Happy Earth Day Everyone!

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