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Agadir Men Ambassador Spotlight: Edgar Gallegos

by John Tedeco |

We sat down with barber, shop owner, and Agadir Men ambassador, Edgar, to learn about his journey into the hair industry.

  • How long have you been in the barber business?

  • Edgar: I’ve been in the barber business for five years now.  Ever since I started vocational school to get my cosmetology license, I got into the barbering world more and saw that there was more than just cutting hair 24/7.  The school took us to the International Beauty Show NY (IBS NY) and that also inspired me to work hard so I could get a platform, and showcase my skills and knowledge with others through a company.

    What inspired you to get into the barber industry?

  • Edgar: What inspired me to get into this industry are my parents.  My mother started doing hair when I was around 14 years old and my father used to work at a factory.  They both saved money and bought a salon in downtown Lakewood, NJ, then my father quit the factory and worked together with my mother at the salon. My mother still does hair and my father manages, now they both have their own shops/salons.

    Photo Credit: VMendoza Productions


    How did you become a barber?

    Edgar: I grew up watching my mother work at a salon doing hair.   That got me interested in cutting hair plus my ambition to learn and be good at it. When I turned 21, my mother gave me a barber kit and told me to try it out, so I started cutting hair for friends and family at home back in 2012.


    How did you become a barber shop owner?

    My parents own shops in Lakewood, NJ so I wanted to keep the family business going and decided to open one in Beachwood, NJ with them as a role model along with the support from my wife, I was able to accomplish my goal. I became a barber shop owner with my drive and ambition to be business owner after I finished cosmetology school.

    What's your favorite part of being a barber and shop owner?

    Edgar: My favorite part of being a barbershop owner is that I get to set my own schedule.  But in reality, there is no best part of being a business owner because it comes with a lot of headaches and sacrifices.

    Photo Credit: VMendoza Productions


    What's your typical day like?

    Edgar: My typical day in the shop is usually on the weekends. Monday to Friday I work at Lakewood High School as a Paraprofessional. I go to the shop on Friday's afternoon 2-7pm, Saturday 9-7pm, and Sunday 11-5pm.  So my typical day/weekend is pretty busy, sometimes I don't even have time to grab something to eat--  I take 10-15 minutes to eat in between haircuts. Usually as soon as I get there I have people lined up. I have a good following and because I work only three days a week, I get pretty busy doing from 10-20 haircuts a day.

    How long have you been an Ambassador for Agadir Men?

    Edgar: I was lucky enough to network and find Agadir Men at IBS NY 2018.  I met Jack [Agadir Men’s CEO] there and discussed my story with him, my plans, and ambitions.  He believed in me and gave me a shot.  He told me they needed a barber to showcase at the Premiere Orlando 2018, and I attend that show every year anyways, so I decided to give it a try. I also had the opportunity to work at the Premiere Philadelphia 2018. I have worked with Agadir Men on two shows this year so far. This is my first year as an ambassador for Agadir Men.

    What's your favorite part of being an Agadir Men Ambassador?

    Edgar: My favorite part in being an Agadir Men ambassador is that I get to showcase at big hair shows and live a dream I always had since I started cutting hair. It's a great platform that I am grateful for.

    Photo Credit: VMendoza Productions

    Do you have a favorite event that you've attended so far with Agadir Men?

    Edgar: Yes, that would be the Premiere shows because I also get to learn and see from other barbers/friends that I look up to in this industry.

    Do you have a favorite Agadir Men product?

    Edgar: If I had to choose I would say that my favorite product is the Oud Wood Hair & Body Wash. I use all the products on a daily basis depending on the hairstyle I want to achieve. The only one I barely use is the Oud Wood Beard Butter because I can’t grow a full beard. :)

    Is there an Agadir Men product that's the most popular with your clients?

  • Edgar: Because of the Oud Wood smell, many guys love these products. The most popular product with my clients I would say is the Oud Wood Fiber Texturizer.  But depending of the client's hair and style, I recommend different products. The Fiber Texturizer I recommend to clients that want to achieve that dry, messy look. The Oud Wood Grooming Creme I recommend to people with wavy hair that want some movement. The Oud Wood Firm Hold Gel I recommend to people that want that strong hold and wet look. Clients with short beards, I recommend the Oud Wood Beard Oil to keep the hair moisturized and shiny.  Clients with longer beards, I recommend the Oud Wood Beard butter with a drop of Beard Oil to keep it hydrated, moist, and shiny.

    Photo Credit: VMendoza Productions


    Thank you for sharing your story with us!  We look forward to see what you have in store in the future.  For more of his experience and services, follow Edgar and his barber shop online:




    -Agadir Men.

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