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4 Hair Style Trends We'd LOVE to See More of in 2017

by Mary Tedesco |

Due to the popularity of short and faded hairstyles, men visit barber shops and salons 4x more than women per year, which leaves a lot of room for change. That's why we created our Agadir MEN line! We needed to fill a void in the hair care industry that was begging for products specifically tailored for men's hair and grooming needs.

The 4 styles below have received a lot of popularity this year and for good reason. We look forward to seeing more of these styles in 2017!

1. Beards

Okay, it's not technically a "hair style" --- it's hair that just happens to be located on your face. Beards are IN and they're here to stay. Beards of all shapes and sizes became widely popular this year and we're glad they did!

Recommended Product:

Take care of your your beard with our luxurious beard oil to keep it shiny and conditioned.

Agadir MEN

Beard Oil

2. Classic All-Around Short Cut

You really can't go wrong with this hair cut. It's evenly buzzed and flattering with almost all face shapes. This look is easy to maintain and can even be done at home (at your own risk, of course!)

Recommended Product:

Just because you don't have a lot of hair on your head doesn't mean you can skimp in the grooming department. Our Hair & Body wash has an undeniably sexy scent that stays with you all day and works great with shorter hair styles.

Agadir MEN

Hair & Body Wash


3. Man Bun / Top Knot

This hair style took off this year for men and women. Long hair is back and what better way to class it up than with a bun? What used to be reserved for soccer players can now be seen at every common hipster location.


There's something so chic and polished about a man bun.

Recommended Product:

Tame any fly-aways with our gel to keep your hair strands in place all day.

Agadir MEN

Firm Hold Gel

4. Pompadour

Photo Credit: Casey @caseys_cuts_nj via Instagram

Originally named after a historically famous mistress, and ultimately rocked by Elvis Presley, the Pompadour made a strong come back this year and could be seen everywhere. The hairstyle is very flattering on all face shapes and hair colors.


Recommended Product:

Agadir MEN

Fiber Texturizer

We can't wait to see how our Agadir MEN products are used in 2017! 

Happy New Year, Everyone!



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